Interviews with the Directors and the Actors


Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Martha and George have been married for several years. While she is the daughter of the University’s president, he is only one of many History professors at New Carthage. When Martha meets the promising young biology professor Nick and his wife Honey at a faculty party, she invites them over for a nightcap. George, Martha’s husband, doesn’t know about his wife’s plans and is annoyed by Martha repeatedly making decisions on her own. Martha is seems to be interested in Nick, who displays all the qualities of a “real man” in Martha’s view. George is also involved with the beautiful and naïve Honey, Nick’s mousy little wife.

This in combination with too much alcohol accounts for an evening that is likely to shatter both marriages.

The play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ was written by Edward Albee in 1962. It is told in the three acts “Fun and Games”, “Walpurgisnacht” and “The Exorcism”. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” won both the “Tony Award” for Best Play in 1963 and the “New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award” for Best Play in 1962 and 63. It has been frequently staged since then.

The play is currently staged by the English-speaking theatre group, the Desperate Thespians, starring Larissa Denker, Christopher Weingart, Alexander Severens and Elena Krovvidi. It is directed by Nadine Sucharda and Maria Severin (Universität Siegen) and will premiere at the Vortex club in Siegen on 2./3./4. May 2017.

The God of Hell

“The God of Hell” is a play written by the American playwright Sam Shepard (2004). For dairy farmer Frank and his wife Emma the clocks tick differently: Frank’s life is dedicated to his cows, Emma passionately cares about her husband, the house – and her plants. Their peaceful, decent lives take a terrible twist when they agree to accommodate an old friend of Frank, Haynes, in their basement. Shortly afterwards, the mysterious, ultra-patriotic government employee Welch appears in behalf of Haynes – the beginning of a nightmare they shall never awake from.

“The God of Hell” was staged in 2014, starring Juli Shirley, Jack Harrison, David Schulte and Ben Meiburg. The play was directed by Nadine Sucharda and Maria Severin (Universität Siegen).

Love and Money

“Love and Money” is a play by British writer Dennis Kelly in 2006. This play features attractive themes: romance, comedy, materialism.

The story deals with the former relationship of the married couple, David and Jess. Unfortunately, Jess has died and David now falls in love with the French girl, Sandrine. They start writing mails to each other. Sandrine seems to be highly curious about Jess’s death, and therefore interrogates David with help of an electronic device. The intelligent device, however, finds disturbing information about David and Jess, and the romance between David and Sandrine stops immediately. Meanwhile other characters reveal disturbing details.

The play “Love and Money” premiered on the stage of the LŸZ theatre in Siegen in 2012. It starred Rebekka Sahm, Piere Stoltenfeldt, Juli Franzkoch, Jennifer Scharpenberg, Sina Westermann and Daniel Seifried, and was directed by Nadine Sucharda and Mark Schreiber (Universität Siegen).


“Crave” is a play from the year 1998 by British playwright Sarah Kane. The main theme of this play is the pain one experiences when in love, which is what the four protagonists “C”, “M”, “B” and “A” discuss. Most of the dialogues are intertextual and not clearly addressed to a specific person, which makes it difficult to clarify the characters depicted. Besides this, “Crave” features several more and rather darker themes, such as rape, incest, drug addiction, mental instability, murder and suicide.

The Desperate Thespians staged this play at the LŸZ theatre in 2010, Siegen. The cast included Nils Wilkinson, Jessica Friedrich, Rebekka Sahm and Christine Herta. It was directed by Nadine Sucharda and Mark Schreiber (Universität Siegen).


The Shape of Things

“The Shape of Things” is a play from the year 2001 by American author Neil LaBute. It is about literature student Adam Sorenson and art student Evelyn Ann Thompson who meet in a museum and soon after become lovers. This love affair will change Adam’s life forever: he follows Evelyn’s advice on sport exercises, food choices, and looks and very soon becomes more attractive than before. This is also noticed by Jenny, a good friend of Evelyn, and her fiancé Phillip. Although Adam is engaged to Evelyn, their mutual attraction results in a kiss.

After some time, Adam finds out that he was used for Evelyn’s MFA thesis project “Change the World“, which Evelyn interprets as “Change Someone´s World“. As the scheming unfolds, Evelyn cancels their wedding and returns the engagement ring.

When Adam comes to the museum to confront Evelyn about what has happened, she seems not to feel guilty at all. She even thinks that Adam should thank her for making him a more attractive and apparently interesting person in the eyes of society.

“The Shape of Things” was the second performance of the Desperate Thespians in 2009, starring, Nadine Sucharda, Seth Hulse, Nils Wilkinson and Jessica Friedrich and was directed by Prof. Eckart Voigts and Mark Schreiber (Universität Siegen).


“MythTakes” was the first project by the Desperate Thespians in 2008. Instead of staging a well-known play, the Thespians decided to rearrange iconic figures from English/American literature and culture and set them in dialogue to each other. The play created was a mashup featuring characters and re-readings of texts such as: Hamlet & Curt Cobain’s farewell note, Queen Victoria & Mary Wollstonecraft on the rights of women, G.W. Bush war on Iraq, Edgar Allen Poe’s A Tell Tale Heart, God’s Creation and America’s famous moon landing.

The mashup play premiered in 2008, starring Nadine Sucharda, Maria Severin, Nils Wilkinson, Seth Hulse, Lena Rosenthal and was directed by Prof. Eckart Voigts and Dr. Monika Pietrzak-Franger (Universität Siegen).